It has literally been over two years since I last posted on here. I find that so weird. I remember making my last post so vividly, thinking it was perhaps a few months ago. This brings to the forefront of my mind how incredibly fast time goes past, and accompanied by the constant revisiting of that thought is the dull yet relentless ache of apprehension, fear, uncertainty. What exactly is my life hurtling towards, where are we all rushing to?  I still can't decide whether it was an interesting read, or whether it was pretentious pseudo-intellectual babble, but I read somewhere that time seems to go faster the older you get because you become conscious of the space of one year in relation to how many years you've been alive. To a one year old, a year would seem like a lifetime because, well, that is exactly what it is. To a 21 year old, a year is just 1/21st of your life, that is less than 5 percent of the time you've been alive. The equivalent of just under 3 weeks to a one year old. To be honest, it's pretty unsettling to dwell over.
As our years seem to flash before us, we're left with less and less opportunity to actually enjoy Time.
Time is something everyone craves, something so crucial, so precious, so constant - and something we so often fail to appreciate. Time is our least valued gift.

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