Ch. 1
You're the only person
That can conjure such a rollercoaster of emotions in such a minute space of time,
A white-knuckle ride. The second you board, your mind is clouded with regret.
You know there's no getting out of it, so you face it head-on.
One thing you can be sure of is that it'll leave you feeling sick.

Ch. 2
Your words leave a mark.
A tear, a hole, a void, a scalding burn, a seeping wound,
It's an excruciating pain, but I hang on to each and every syllable
Until it becomes too much to take, so I shout back at you,
And it drowns out everything I don't want to hear,
And as I shout back, I'm having to tell you
All the things I thought I didn't need to say.
I'm spewing a thousand sentences a minute
But they all sound like 'I love you'.

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